Nominate your favourite UK Hotel or B&B

Support the UK hospitality industry (and at a time when it really does need our support more than ever) – by helping me to showcase the most-wonderful hotels and B&Bs in the UK.

And it’s super-easy to take part in this totally-free initiative (but you will need to have a Twitter account):

Simply tweet me at @ataxiascot and tell me your favourite UK hotel (or luxury B&B).

I’ll then produce a short video of that hotel, and share it with the hotel in question (crediting you with the nomination of course).

Which allows you to connect with some of the most amazing hotels in the UK – and in a fun and positive way.

There are a few conditions though:

1.  You must be following @ataxiascot on Twitter.

2.  The hotel (or B&B) must be located in the UK, and it must have at least 3 stars.


In my experience, more stars usually means a better staff:guest ratio. Which is rather important at the moment (as it means more staff-hours to maintain cleanliness/hygiene).

Plus I tend to find that better quality hotels have more spacious facilities. Which is as equally important in these “socially distancing” times.

3.  Each follower can nominate as many different hotels as they like. However, the same person can only nominate the same hotel once.


Simple. This prevents the same person from nominating the same hotel continuously. My aim here is to promote the whole of the UK hospitality industry – and not just the one specific hotel.

The same hotel may indeed feature repeatedly though. But it has to be nominated by a different person (a different Twitter account) each time.

4.  Timing.

Usually, it takes me just a few minutes to create each video (although the videos do look fantastic, they actually only need me to push a few buttons on different software packages, so they don’t take long to produce at all). However, there are times when my condition means that I can do absolutely nothing for a few days (and as my ataxia progresses, these occurrences become more frequent).

So it could take anything from a few minutes, to a few days  to produce each video.

Why do this at all though?

For the last few years, I have been taking part in various fundraising events (I’m currently raising funds for FareShare).

However, due to a certain wee virus (and my increasing vulnerability to it), the next fundraising event that I am planning to take part in is not until September 2021 (the Edinburgh Kiltwalk – although I would also like to take part in the Glasgow Kiltwalk next April, but this is dependent on a vaccine being available by then – which is looking increasingly unlikely).

And taking part in these events is actually pretty easy for me nowadays:  I just sit back and enjoy the scenery, while Sonja does all of the pushing 😀

Glasgow Kiltwalk 2019

So doing this in the meantime (showcasing the best of the UK hospitality industry) – simply keeps me busy.

And in a way that makes me feel as if I’m contributing/helping in some way.

And why hotels and B&Bs?

Before the wheelchair, and between 1999 and 2015 (so for 16 years), I ran The UK Hotel Network.

Sadly, the main website has long since gone. However, I did hang on to the name though (as I had a feeling that it might come in useful some day in the future).

Well, that day has now arrived.

So join in – and nominate your favourite UK hotel or B&B.

Thank you for your support!