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It’s completely FREE (ish).

Simply donate at least £20 to my charity fundraising efforts this year (currently the Glasgow Kiltwalk). All donated funds (plus an additional 40% added by the Hunter Foundation) go directly to MND Scotland following the Glasgow Kiltwalk event. So your donated £20 means that MND Scotland actually receives £28!

So why would it be in your interest to be featured here?

Prior to becoming wheelchair-bound, I was the MD of the former UK Hotel Network for 16 years (1999-2015). So I have a bit of experience in promoting hotels on the internet (and on Twitter especially).

In addition, my previous fundraising events attracted national and international media coverage (both Press & TV). And now that my walking stick has been replaced by a much more camera-friendly wheelchair, this media interest is only expected to increase.

As well as promoting your property via @hotrev  (which has almost 5,000 followers itself), it will also be promoted on my personal Twitter account (@ataxiascot) which has one or two more.

Almost 22,000 of them!

If you would like to be a part of Hotels Reviewed in 2019, simply donate to my Glasgow Kiltwalk appeal page at:

Your property details will then be added to the Hotels Reviewed website within 48 hours(usually much sooner though, almost immediately, but there are occasional days when my symptoms mean that not-a-lot happens).

Thank you for your support.