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UK hoteliers and B&B owners (of properties rated 3 stars and above):

Whereas the previous incarnation of “Hotels Reviewed” was a commercial venture, it is now actually a fundraiser – in aid of FareShare (and maybe even a labour of love too perhaps?).

It also allows me to use whatever “platform” I now have, to support the UK hospitality industry (well, the luxury end of the market at least).

So. No annual fees or commission charges.

Instead, to have your hotel/B&B included here for 2020/2021, simply donate to Iain and Sonja’s Kiltwalk appeal page (in aid of FareShare) at:

UK hotel and B&B guests:

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B9B5C416-A011-4D2D-B3ED-17B2262298C9Glasgow Kiltwalk 2019

The Kiltwalk events are one of the most effective ways for charities to raise funds. An additional 50% is added to all donations (by the wonderfully kind people at The Hunter Foundation).

So your donation, coupled with my participation in the Kiltwalk, means that FareShare actually recieves your donation + 50% (so even if you select the very minimum donation of £5, FareShare actually receives £7.50 – and all I have to do during the Kiltwalk is sit back and enjoy the Scottish countryside, while Sonja does all of the pushing).

Why hotels and B&Bs though?

Before the wheelchair, and between 1999 and 2015 (so for 16 years), I ran a wee web-based enterprise called The UK Hotel Network.

Sadly, the main website has since gone.

However, I did hang on to the name though (as I had a feeling that it might come in useful some day in the future).

Well, that day has now arrived.

So, I can now use the name to do two things then: support the hospitality industry by publicising hotels directly – while raising funds for FareShare at the same time.

And all from the comfort of my very own armchair (well, from the comfort of my very own wheelchair really).