Add a hotel to the Map

It might be your own hotel (* if so, read about the wee bonus below).

Or it might be a UK hotel you’ve stayed in before as a guest (you don’t even need to be 100% sure that it is wheelchair accessible – I’ll check this for you anyway).

Whatever your reason, to add a hotel to the Wheelchair Hotel Map 2022, simply donate at least £20 to my 2022 Kiltwalk Appeal (#TheBigWander, in aid of FareShare). And simply add the name of the hotel (and the UK city/town that it’s in) as a “comment” during the donation process.

That’s it. I’ll do the rest.

The wonderful Sir Tom Hunter will add an additional 50% to whatever you donate.

And if you also select the “Gift Aid” option, the UK Treasury will also add an additional 25% too.

So, at the very minimum donation of £20, FareShare will actually receive £35 – enough for them to provide an additional 140 meals! Allowing them to feed even more of the most vulnerable people in the UK (and as FareShare provides food to over 1,100 local charities and community groups throughout the UK, you could be helping to feed some of the most vulnerable people in your very own community too).

Thank You!

[*PS – as a wee bonus, and if you are the hotel owner/operator, I’ll also create short “promo type” videos of your own tweets, using photographs from the tweets themselves (there’s nothing at all extra for you to do). I’ll then “video-fy” your tweets (by adding a “Ken Burns” effect to the images – similar to the one below for the Sofitel London St.James – I’ve used a free image of the London Eye/Big Ben as an example of what I mean by “video-fy” – it makes static photographs “move”). The videos have been optimised for use on both Twitter and Facebook (even when enlarged). However, for the time being (at least), I’ll only tweet them from @ataxiascot on Twitter. And even though each video would take someone else just 10-20 minutes to create, thanks to ataxia, I can create around just one per day. Which means I should only be able to create about 20-30 before Christmas. So this is a real case of “first come, first served”. So if you do fancy getting your Christmas tweets done too, don’t hang about.]

London Eye and Big Ben at dusk

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