Make Twitter Work Better for Your Hotel (up to 10x better!)

Although a general listing on the Hotels Reviewed maps is completely free for 2023, I hope to encourage you to donate too (for as well as being a very useful resource for other wheelchair users searching for wheelchair accessible hotels in the UK, Hotels Reviewed is a simple fundraising project – in aid of Hospitality Action, who have been supporting hospitality workers in crisis since 1837).

But, before I explain how I will encourage you to donate too, please read this:

Tweets with video see 10x more engagement

“But creating videos is an eye-wateringly expensive business though?” I hear you say.

Not any more it’s not (well, not for UK hoteliers anyway):

Donate just £10 and, as well as adding your wheelchair accessibility details to the map (which includes DIRECT contact too of course), I’ll create videos of the static photographs you tweet via your Twitter account, and I’ll tweet the resulting videos via my own Twitter account too (@Ataxia360).

I’ll also include your own website address in these videos – so that people know exactly how to contact you directly.

Videos which you can then download and freely use in your own more-engaging, tweets.

There is a proviso though:

Due to my own health condition (spinocerebellar ataxia), I can only create a handful of videos each day (and none at all at times). True, it’s just a few seconds/minutes work to create each video, but “a few seconds” means “a few hours” in my world.

But this is, luckily for Hospitality Action, an incentive to donate sooner rather than later:


As more and more people donate, eventually I’ll have to pick & choose which videos to create (I’ll simply base this decision on the amount donated).

However, in the early days, when there are still just a few donors, I should have time to create videos for just about every one of your tweets.

Add Your Hotel Accessibility Information

Listing your accessibility details is completely free of charge. And there is no requirement for all Institute of Hospitality members to make a donation to receive the video-tweet service (priority is also given to all applications from IoH members).

To comply with GDPR regulations, your contact details will not be stored ANYWHERE.