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A wee bit of history: I was diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia in March 2015. Ataxia is, thankfully, a very rare neurological condition which affects communication between brain and body (it affects about 1 in 7,000 of us). The easiest way to describe it: it’s like MND in slow motion. And it’s incurable. Prior to 2015, I was the CEO of the, now defunct, UK Hotel … Continue reading &

The Grand, Folkestone, England (Again!)

A very well-deserved accolade indeed! In recognition of The Grand, Folkestone‘s inspirational Student Placement Scheme, and of the cooperation between Robert Richardson, General Manager of The Grand, and Katy Tibbles, Careers Coordinator at the Folkestone Academy, The Grand has been short-listed by the Institute of Hospitality for the annual award of “Best Student Placement”. The Grand, Folkestone, and all other nominees in this category, are … Continue reading The Grand, Folkestone, England (Again!)

The Grand, Folkestone, England

The very first article on this version of Hotels Reviewed is reserved for a very special hotel (and hotel manager) indeed. One of the benefits of fundraising in the manner that I previously did, was that I was supported by people who just genuinely wanted to help. There was no promise of any kind of exposure in return. And Robert Richardson, the General Manager of … Continue reading The Grand, Folkestone, England